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Certain behaviors can truly be a nuisance, and some can even be a problem. So if you're having issues with a behavior, then I have a solution. 

Here at Dog Years we have no need to use pain to train a dog. I would rather out think a dog, than hurt Him/Her.Please don't cause your best friend to experience pain!!

We have a solution for all your Dog Training Problems!!

time to relax 

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This is why we don't let our dogs swim in freshwater in the state of Florida. please take this into consideration when around lakes and ponds

We all need to take time and stop and smell the flowers! Life is too short for us to rush through it. Our dogs enjoy nature as much as we do.

Some of My Dog Training Friends!!!

Unique behavior problems

It's all about the dogs!!!!

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is your home at one with your dog? let us help.

No Pain!!

dangers in our Landscapes